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"As contemporary fashion becomes more homogeneous,
historical fashion is only going to become more important."

Clair Watson




~A Chatelaine Revival~

see how the concept
of the Medieval and Victorian chatelaine

has been transformed into
contemporary jewelry

by artistic assemblage of rare, collectable 
antique and vintage items




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Art Deco



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You are invited to view this exclusive new line of jewelry created by artist, Eve Riser-Roberts.

Discover the historical inspiration for the line.  And enjoy these modern interpretations, called chat-elaines or Chat-Cats, with their beautiful namesake cat jewelry.

If you like quality period jewelry that transcends time, you have found it.

Photographs of the chat-elaines on this website show how they can be worn by today's woman.  A  description of the items used in each chat-elaine is provided for your interest and to ensure that their individual history, at least what can be known about them, is not lost to time.

Each chat-elaine is signed by the artist as an original work of art.  There will always be only one of each design.



Click on the images under Links 

for a description of  chat-elaines and
their historical background,
and follow the thumbnail pictures to see the 
wide variety of incredible chat-elaines created by the artist 



Chat-elaines play on the French word, Chat, for cat. These chat-elaines all include a piece of cat jewelry as an element of the design.  The short term for chat-elaines is Chat-Cats. 

Based on the historical concept and design of the Medieval and Victorian chatelaines...

these modern interpretations incorporate gorgeous antique and vintage jewelry--lockets, mesh purses, perfume vials, watches, keys, brooches, cameos, Czechoslovakian gems, and original chatelaine items.  Miles of vintage chains artistically combine these highly collectable pieces and swish when the wearer walks.  

The chat-elaines can clip at the waist, can be worn on chains across the chest, or worn as a necklace. 

Many of the old mesh purses are lined and still usable as such.

As assemblage, they are works of art.  As jewelry, they are historical treasures.  They have an intrinsic value because of the beauty, quality, and rarity of the components.  Their historical value lies in their record of the daily lives of people living in different generations and different countries.  The influence of their culture and time on the items is reflected in the style of the articles.

These playful, elegant chat-elaines thoughtfully bring together diverse antique and vintage jewelry to create beautiful and fascinating contemporary heirlooms.  One-of-a-kind art that allows these treasures to continue to be enjoyed.

















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Modigliani's cat poses wearing "The lion watches" chat-elaine necklace
a la the Famous Artists' Cats series by Eve Riser-Roberts




Unusual, gorgeous jewelry
Amazing old mesh purses
Sumptuous oriental kimonos and fabrics
And incredible cat jewelry



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